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Hatching view
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Specify a color region
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Execute filtering
After tapping the "Hatching" button in the original image view, the result of hatching is displayed on the hatching view shown in the right screenshot.

In addition to the ordinary operations such as zooming and scrolling, the following operations are available in the hatching view:

  • Show the original image
    Tap the leftmost button on the top appBar to go back to the original image view.
  • Re-obtain an image
    When you tap the rightmost button on the top appBar, the camera function is activated if the current image was taken with camera, the image picker is activated if the image was selected from files, or the current clipboard image is copied if the image was copied from the clipboard.
  • Draw/clear hatch patterns
    Tap the "Draw all" button on bottom appBar to draw hatch patterns onto every target color region. In addition, tap the "Clear all" button to clear all hatch patterns being drawn.
  • Scale the image to fit the view
    Tap the "Scale to fit" button on bottom appBar to scale the image to fit the view.

Furthermore, by the following operations, you can specify a color region onto which hatch pattern is drawn:

  • Draw pattern only onto specified color
    Tap on a target color region to draw pattern only onto it. ("Target color region" is the region onto which hatch patterns are drawn just after applying hatching or just after tapping "Draw all" button.)
  • Invoke filtering function
    Double tap on a target color region to darken all color regions other than it.

As well as another operation, the above-mentioned two operations are available even if the image is being zoomed.

You can do the above two operations only when the appBars are being hidden. Tapping on the image when the appBars are being shown only hides the appBars. (Refer to "Accessory")
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