Basic operation

Visolve for Modern UI

Screenshot of
Original image view
The basic operation flow in Visolve for Modern UI is as follows:
  1. Obtain an image
    According to a selection in the main menu, the camera function or the image selector is activated, or the image is copied from clipboard. You can return to the main menu by tapping the "←" button in the camera capture dialog, or by tapping the "cancel" button in the file picker dialog. An obtained image appears on the original image view shown in the right screenshot after you take a photo or you select an image. However, the clipboard image is shown directly on the original image view when you select the clipboard in the main menu.
  2. Show the original image
    In every image view including the original image view, you can zoom, scroll, etc. with the standard operation of Modern UI. Moreover, those views rotate when you turn around a device.

    Tap the rightmost button on the top appBar to go back to the "1. Obtain an image". At this time, the camera function is re-activated when the current image was taken with camera, the image picker is re-activated when the image was selected from files, or the current clipboard image is copied when the image was copied from the clipboard. The button image on the appBar in each above-mentioned case is as below:

    when took with camera
    with camera
    when selected from files
    from file
    when copied from clipboard
    from clipboard

  3. Apply color transformation etc.
    Color transformation, filtering, hatching, or simulation is applied to the image by tapping corresponding button on the bottom appBar. The result is displayed in the different result view respectively. In those result views, you can go back to the original image view and can re-obtain an image.
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