Accessory functions

Visolve for Modern UI

  1. Hide appBars
    The original image view and the result views (color transform view, filtering view, hatching view, and simulation view) have the top and bottom appBars. The appBars are shown initially and are hidden when you tap anywhere on the view. You can reshow the hidden appBars by the following operations:
    • right click,
    • Windows logo key + Z, or
    • swipe the top or bottom edge (WindowsRT).
  2. Show settings charm
    You can configure application behavior, transform degree, and transform options via settings charm. Anytime during execution, you can show the settings charm by the following operations:
    • Windows logo key + I,
    • Windows logo key + C  ⇒  select "Settings", or
    • swipe the right edge (WindowsRT).
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